Fire Alarm Installations

Ameritech Systems offers project specific fire risk assessment, value engineering design, and specification services for any size project. Our team includes degreed fire protection engineers, fire protection consultants with experience to ensure that proposals and projects are well designed and qualified upfront to meet any and all requirements. Ameritech Systems takes extra care to ensure all fire systems installation and service work is completed only by our own licensed, factory trained, and NICET certified professionals – we do not sub out any of our installations. Our field technicians and superintendents have an average 10+ years with Fire Protection. We take care to ensure our fire protection system installations are to the highest degree of quality and efficiency. We ensure our projects are completed on time and within budget.


Fire protection is completely maximized with our UL listed fire monitoring central station. Our fire alarm systems help save lives by alerting the central station that there is a fire. Our central station can contact you and the fire department giving you the best all-around protection possible. It is your obligation to protect your employees and assets from this deadly threat. Our fire detection systems allow for affordable and reliable protection that complies with stringent fire codes.  Our UL approved manual pull stations allow for the manual activation of the system. Our supervised smoke detectors give you additional protection. Supervised smoke detectors have the ability of sending a supervisory signal to your panel indicating the obscuration level has reached a threshold that may cause a false alarm if maintenance is not performed. An obscuration level can occur with too much dust. You may also want to consider our waterflow supervisory systems to prevent your location from water damage. They report to the central station whenever water begins to flow through a sprinkler. This allows you to minimize the effects of water damage that can be even more expensive than fixing the fire damage.


Our fire alarm inspection program gives you peace of mind that your fire alarm is operating at the level of which it was originally installed. As required by code we will automatically inspect and test your fire alarm system according to the jurisdiction. Our inspections include site surveys to ensure that the building characteristics have not changed in any way that will impede the fire alarm system from operating as it was intended. A fully functional test of the fire alarm system is performed according to NFPA guidelines. Upon completion an inspection report is provided that outlines exactly what devices were tested and what the outcome of the test was. Should any repairs be required we will provide an itemized quote.