Integrated security systems are one of the latest developments in closed-circuit television systems (CCTV) design. These systems available from Ameritech Systems offer an overall security solution that is easy to use, which makes them increasingly popular for small business owners and small offices. Customers interested in CCTV choose integrated security systems because they involve simple hook ups and basic user interfaces. The systems consist of a digital video recorder (DVR), a display monitor and a network card. Integrated security systems look like an LCD monitor, and in fact they can be used strictly for that purpose, but their compact size makes them appealing for many people who need a CCTV solution for security and video surveillance.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a popular form of surveillance that uses video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific destination on a limited set of monitors in a closed network. Banks, airports, industrial plants, military installations, and convenience stores commonly use CCTV, which can operate continuously or can be activated to monitor particular events. CCTV is a popular tool not only for security, but also for monitoring the operations of a business or organization.

Burglar Alarms and Sensors

Ameritech Systems will install, repair, and monitor burglar alarm systems in your residence. Burglaries and robberies represent some of the most common crimes in the urban environment. Fortunately, experience shows that alarm systems may significantly decrease the chances of such invasions by deterring intruders and thieves from entering your home or business. Alarm systems emit a shrill noise in response to a present and immediate danger. Additional advantages of a loud alarm sound include its ability to alert neighbors and bystanders, and potentially even frighten intruders from the scene. The sight of an alarm system alone may be enough to discourage would-be thieves. Highly effective and often easy to use, this electronic security solution is a popular way to provide peace of mind for homeowners and business operators. We will also install and repair sensors for your protection. Sensors are the heart of an alarm system. These sensitive devices detect rapid changes in the environment, such as a window opening or glass breaking, that indicate an intrusion or breach of security. The information is sent to the alarm system’s controller, which notifies the central monitoring station, if a client uses a monitoring service. Once Ameritech Systems professionally installs a high-quality alarm system, customers can choose whether or not they want monitoring. If they opt for this service, their alarm system will be connected to a remote central monitoring station, which receives signals that report the conditions of the area being monitored.